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  • Hubino is one of the best PHPFox platform experts to handle the customizations and theme changes and fast delivery.
  • Great Documentation, on time delivery made the project success.
  • Schneider Electric Telecontrol & SA GSO are very satisfied about the job performed by Hubino's team. They provide exemplary reports and documentations. Their behavior is perfectly appropriate to our remote engineering. They are proactive in resolving problem. When they meet an issue, they provide relevant analysis and appropriate solutions
  • I have found Hubino a pleasure to work with and he has been able to explain solutions to me and implement them in a way which has saved me time and money.
  • Hubino is excellent, always keeps the project on course and delivers excellent results every time.
  • Top notch developers. We are impressed and working on 3 new efforts with their team. Every detail oriented, professional, good quality documentation.
  • Was an excellent contributor to our project and well qualified for the type of image processing work we expected to implement as part of our project. We hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.
  • Hubino team has made a solid SaaS model to support WEB / iPhone for which is running great in our office for almost 2+ years and I will recommend them to use for your web & mobile developments.
  • Made a really good looking website and logo, good one!
  • On time delivery, good communication is plus to Hubino team and proved once again!. Thank you.
  • Hubino is a hard worker & talented coders, understanding and meets his deadlines. I am very happy with the outcome, and communication was great. Team always found a solution for every problem that arose, and we worked together well. Thank You Hubino team! Great job.
  • Good Job and on time delivery.
  • Great mobility experience for iPhone and android and we used them for 3 projects and all were success, thank you Hubino and team.
  • Team is professional, knows his work and gives very useful feedback, documentation is top notch and hired him to develop a customized face-recognition engine that sits on Linux (Ubuntu 13.04) and he delivered it without any problems or delays, they are a must have for any of your Computer Vision problems! I will definitely work with him over the next 1 year creating many more cutting-edge computer-vision projects!
  • Installation and support is excellent and will use for 100+ years :)
  • Excellent team effort in a short time frame to meet my marketing plans which is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Great Database Admin support for the project and thorough knowledge.
  • Mobile platform developments will be in good hands if you have anything to do on iOS/Android and Prod support will be easy and good project management to handle the support stuffs. I will highly recommend them!!!
  • Law cases handling tool is one of their best product and handle almost all law office needs.
  • Hubino and I worked on a rather large project, Hubino was thorough and I will definitely use them again on other projects.
  • Came through again. I will be using the team in the future. Great Job.
  • Was very thorough in work and understood the specifications very well, they were able to deliver the task on time as planned. I would definitely use his services again.
  • It's great to have them as part of our I.T Department and available for 24X7 support always.
  • SIP Server client development and server environments have been handled for quick delivery, great Job!!
  • Excellent worker, project completed with a good team of programmers.
  • It has been great working with the Hubino team for website and app development. They get the job done. Excellent work!
  • Very Good on CRM developments and SaaS model and will use them for prod support as well!!
  • PHPFox customizations for my 10+ websites are done successfully and good support on DB migrations as well.
  • Worked with Hubino for almost 5+ computer vision project, very detailed on CV industry and will use them on further projects as well.
  • Thanks a lot for this good news. That's true it was out of the scope as at that moment Windows 8 was not launch by Microsoft but it is really a good opportunity to our project that you anticipated this new OS.
  • Nice to keep them for all I.T developments and support. Keep up the good work.
  • Delivered the online epaper product on time and launched with Chief Minister J Jayalalitha as planned. Good work guys.
  • Video production works, design have come out really well. Great work!! And thank you for your team.
  • Thank you guys for the design, website support for almost last three years and keep it up!!
  • Magicians! :) for their support and fixes!!
  • Their simple design looks great and proven as good looking marketing website for us.
  • Business good looking website has been delivered, SEO and brochures become ours great marketing tools forever and working with them on our internal CRM tools now..
  • These folks are great. Their product is great and I use it daily on healthcare usage... Thanks for a great piece of software!

Hubino is excellent, they always keeps the project on course and delivers excellent results every time. I can recommend them highly enough to anyone wanting to use his excellent services.

-Matthew Woodhead, UK

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