In today’s world, we are living a life that is so mechanical in the materialistic world that we don’t spend quality time with the family especially with the kids. It is difficult even for the grown-ups to face the challenges that are thrown at them in different forms in different walks of life. Just think of a scenario how it would be when a kid undergoes challenges in the form of harassment from the society. A remedy in the form of AI based virtual avatar to children’s relief forms the solution.

Yes, there is a need for the children/students to express themselves more freely and without fear. This fear factor can be witnessed in victimized children out of someone’s mistake. Some tend to behave abnormally and worst case is when government officials need some form of enquiry to be made. This kind of enquiry definitely requires human interaction face to face to understand and identify the cause which puts the depressed or victimized children to undergo further stress. It is high time that the need for a solution is realized to help the officials carry on with their duties as well as for the children to remain undisturbed.

Gaia Technologies is the leading solution provider in the field of education in United Kingdom providing solutions to typical grey areas in the educational institutions and continue to enhance their existing process.

Gaia Technologies brought in the concept of introducing an animal character to interact with the kid and also to add fun in the learning process. As we all know any child gets attracted to animal characters as they see on cartoon channels and gels well with those characters. Gaia, with this novel idea approached Hubino to take it forward to design and develop a web application.

Hubino with its innovative ideas and technical strength decided to make it a unique application and took this opportunity as another challenge to convert this into a success story. Hubino did a fit gap analysis and redesigned the structure received to accommodate new requirements as well enhanced the features to serve the abused children better as well as to keep them engaged in the session playing animations and providing a class room kind of virtual atmosphere.

Application developed provides a platform to interact with the child as they only see the animal character and not the real face of the official or the teacher. This way the fear factor can be eliminated thus an aid to come out freely and express. Hubino using the camera real-time captures the emotions or the facial movements and translate them to the virtual characters.

Purpose of this application is not limited as the same application is useful for training purposes serving as a virtual class room setup. Enriched application with other features like whiteboard, media library, math game, background change, character selection and playing animations keeps the target audience engaged in session.