Chayo Group Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries operate the service of tracking and collecting of non-performing loans.  Mr. Sathees Ramasamy, CEO Hubino during his visit in December 2018 managed to have a discussion with Chayo Groups and explored their areas of concern to provide a solution that enhances their current debt recovery process and automate the same. This is how Smart Debt Recovery System using Applied Intelligence came into existence.

Chayo was quite impressed with the solutions offered like virtual debt resolution, negotiation platform using a virtual avatar to take care of some of the routine tasks and validation measures to service the customers such as to act as guidance to various services offered by Chayo, interact with customers to understand their queries and react, validate documents by screening them to ensure it meets the criteria.

The impact of implementing a debt recovery system in place for a financial institution is a boon. This not only makes the tasks simpler but also more effective and accuracy. This leaves no stones turned that it never misses out a constraint to validate.

Another solution proposed was to use predictive analysis to increase the contact information accuracy rate to reach out to debtors to increase collection rates. Predictive analysis helps the organization to meet out the customer expectations, make sensible and effective decision, gain advantage over the competitors, improve the efficiency and many more.

Hubino as a pioneer in AI solutions, yet again designed a solution and proved its mettle. Spotting a sigh of relief after alleviating the pain points undergone in the business with the solution provided is key to Hubino’s success.