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Interaction with Humanized avatar helps to overcome shyness
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Learn anytime, anywhere, using smartphones
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Dependency on physical tutor gets reduced, cuts down the travelling time and cost involved

The client is an educational institute in Thailand offering solutions in the education sector. They are always on the look-out for solutions to enhance the linguistic skills in the English language.

Client’s Challenges
Despite the efforts in forming simplified lessons and courses through conventional methods, results were not convincing and is a tedious task. The main challenge faced is due to unwillingness to learn a new language because of shyness. Besides that, keeping interested among the intended learners of the English language is equally challenging.

The solution formed by Hubino is through a mobile application. Any individual with the intent to learn English can use their smartphone to download the application and start learning. This way of learning through the digital platform is new and exciting that keeps up the interest level of the learners from going down. Exciting portion of the solution is that no human being involved on the other end to carry out the teaching process. All that happens is through the humanized digital avatar which can guide in learning the language through different activities like helping in pronouncing a word, sentence, checking on the correctness of the sentence and forming analytics. One can train themselves as many times as they want anywhere anytime.

Value Proposition
The solution is handy that learners can learn anytime, anywhere without any barriers. Solution available on smartphones boosts the chances of learning at their convenience. With this shyness is not challenging any more in learning the English language. Dependency on physical tutor gets reduced, cuts down the travelling time and cost involved.