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Analytics based on historical data helps improve the efficiency
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Tracking ensures the goods are delivered on time and quickly act on customer complaints
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Time taken to grade the goods is reduced by manifolds and ensures only quality goods are delivered

Client is a leading horticulturalist in India with many orchards across the country producing fruits/vegetables based on the territorial climatic conditions. They are so keen to take agriculture to the next level adopting to innovative technologies for grading and tracing fruits/ vegetables.

Client’s Challenges
Client was grading the fruits/ vegetables manually due to which there was increase in manpower and more time was taken for grading. So there was a possibility of human error while grading and delay is goods delivery to the respective retail outlets. And there was no system for traceability when there was a negative feedback from the customer. Ultimately this led to the impact on their business growth.

Hubino designed a smart grading system to identify grading and a portal for tracing the produced goods. According to territorial compliances, grading parameters (eg. freshness, damage, size and color) are defined in the system using images. Deep learning is the key to train the system with more images. Increase in number of images increases the efficiency of the system. Based on the patterns fed in to the system, the computer vision algorithms are intelligent
enough to grade them accordingly. The portal helps in complete traceability of the produced goods covering harvest, shipping, packaging, distributing and retailing. It provides a complete analytics and reports. Customer feedback can be recorded.

Value Proposition
Time taken by the employees to grade the goods is reduced by manifolds making it time efficient. This also ensures only quality goods are shipped or distributed to customers gaining customer satisfaction. Portal for tracking ensures the goods are received on time. This helps to quickly look into customer complaints and give a solution for the same. Detailed analytics based on historical data helps improve the efficiency.