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Different notifications configured to trigger various events makes the environment completely secure
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Hassle-free automatic attendance system
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24/7 tracking of resources and assets within the premise helps to increase the operational efficiency

The client is a pioneer in the digital transformation of businesses in Thailand through IT and digital innovation. They are in the business for more than 3 decades. Their existing tracking system for employees through RFID tags was not sufficient. So were in a need of a system to track both employees and their assets (laptop).

Client’s Challenges
The client desperately wanted to measure the efficiency and productivity of their employees. And their system admin was unable to manage their office laptops regarding its location, availability and more. To achieve this they wanted to track the exact location of the employees and assets (laptop). Identification of emerging technologies with the right skill set of resources was another challenge for the client.

Hubino after having expanded their operations to Thailand was noticed and identified as a prominent solution provider in AI space by the client. Few discussions with the client helped Hubino understand their pain points to form the solution.
One of the IoT product of Hubino involves hardware devices like Bluetooth Tags, Repeaters and Gateways. These tags are embedded in their identification cards of the employees and attached to the laptop. Every employee and laptop is associated to each Bluetooth device which transmits signals to Repeaters and Gateways which sends it to cloud eventually. This way with the help of a web/mobile application, the client can track the exact location of their employees and assets within the premises. This kind of system boosts the security manifold by triggering notifications to concerned action officers if someone unauthorized tries to gain access to the restricted area.

Value Proposition
Complete tracking of resources and assets 24/7 increases operational efficiency. With different notifications configured to trigger various events makes the environment completely secure. It also acts as an attendance system.