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The foolproof system doesn’t require any extra gadgets
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Solutions work well with different ethnicities and dark complexions
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Two-factor authentication – Screening of Face and Sclera portion to match the vein pattern

The client is a leading university in South Africa who is serving as a technical partner in developing software applications for many entities across the country. One of these entities requested the client to develop a mobile banking application ensuring the safety of high standards in biometric authentication.

Client’s Challenges
Due to non-availability of skilled resources in the computer vision space client faced a challenge in implementing biometric authentication in a mobile application.

Hubino with its core expertise in computer vision was identified as a potential vendor by the client. The solution offered involves two-factor authentications. One screening the face and the other is to screen the sclera portion to match the vein pattern. Combining these two factors tightens the security making it a foolproof ensures tampering is not possible. On top of this, the solution offers the liveliness check to avoid getting spoofed ensuring tampering unlikely using 2D, 3D objects, videos, images.

Value Proposition
The solution works well with different ethnicities and dark complexions. Easy to use authentication on low computing handheld devices. It is a foolproof system and doesn’t require any extra gadgets.