Computer Vision

Inventing new ways to gain a higher level of insights from the visual data around the globe.

Computer Vision

Build with your unique requirements in mind! Our computer vision solutions stand out in the market!!

Visual Intelligence

Visual information becomes the primary way for businesses to interact with the world . Hubino integrates computer vision , machine learning , and agile process along with industry-leading benchmarks to meet the requirements of our partners.

Cameras and sensors interaction has become omnipresent in the modern world. We develop the mechanisms that extract meaningful information from visions and transpose it into real-world applications.

Our technology enables machines to see, understand and remember everything. We use deep learning and convolutional neural networks to teach system what looks like and how to identify by itself.

Face recognition technology

The professional consulting team provides customers with a full-face recognition technology expert service to help customers avoid the various traps that may be encountered in the face recognition system application, saving customers time and labor costs, and escorting customers.

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Our team comprises world-class machine learning engineers and infrastructure architects who specialize in the use of computer vision technology to enable breakthrough innovation.

We aspire to build intelligent solutions that will meaningfully change how business operates and bring significant results to your company. Our solutions are tailored to fit in with customer's specific needs and the nature of their data.

We always listen to your specific needs. Whether it be automation of visual tasks, computer vision consulting, or building new innovative products, we do it all.

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