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AI based Conversational Call flow Solution for Travel Industry

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations are seeking innovative ways to enhance customer experiences and foster meaningful relationships. Enter the unified platform, a game-changing solution that empowers businesses to transform their customer interactions and cultivate valued relationships. With its dual focus on providing a personal concierge experience for consumers and serving as a strategic advisor for decision-makers, this unified platform has become a driving force in specialized industries such as Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare, and Travel.

This usecase ensures a hassle-free and efficient experience for our users, enabling them to easily work the reservations, adjust the bookings, real-time advisory and automation for the agents and much more. Please refer the core business cases below:

  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) that applies voice recognition, artificial intelligence and automation principles to deliver improved engagement, experience, and efficiency.
  • End-to-end design and implementation can be tailored cloud-based intelligent contact center by understanding the current business scenario.
  • Combining the power of telephony systems with pre-built modules to create a next-generation intelligent digital cloud-based contact center tailored to your needs.
  • Core Dashboard is an Augmented Intelligence enabled application for Live Support. This provides a unified customer view and full-featured support for phone, email, and messaging, along with access to historical and real-time transcripts.
  • Empowers the agents with real-time advisory and automation. A single-pane-of-glass for agents synthesizes the customer’s journey and recommends actions for efficient and delightful human support.
  • This combination provides you with unified agent workspaces, intuitive self-service options, and advanced data analytics, that will help you deliver personalized and proactive customer experiences while maximizing ROI.

Discover how customer experience is transforming with our case study with artificial intelligence.

Focusing on Better Customer Service

Today travel industry is focusing on betterment of customer service which is the key to their success. It is always said that customers are satisfied when all their complaints are heard and resolved immediately. It creates a sense of trust is built between the company and its passengers by providing a good customer service.

At Hubino we developed an IVR solution for Travel industry using Amazon contact to connect contact center and the agent support system was configured through AWS Cloud. It acts as a self-service agent to clarify the customer queries immediately related to their travel like flight ticket booking, change of flight time, etc.

It supports a customer throughout their journey from FAQs, scheduling activities, personalized support, to post-care communication – with a single solution.

It also offers dynamic conversational experiences, like switching topics mid-conversation, without traditional rule-based dialog trees. Apply nuanced language understanding and sentiment recognition.

This helped them to provide a better customer service by avoiding their customer in waiting in long call queue to clarify their queries related to their travel.

Empowering your Agents with right tool to provide Better Customer Experience

When your agents don’t have the tools they need it becomes difficult for them to have context aware communication with the customers. So it forces them to get creative and use what they have to the best of their ability. This can greatly hurt productivity in your workplace, which can also hurt your organization’s bottom line.

The AI based dashboard empowers your agents with powerful dashboard which gives them a complete history of customer activity. This application architecture is useful for any Contact Centers, now it is used for Aviation customer, but applicable for many domain.

This helps them to know better about their customer before attending their call and have a context aware communication with their customer. Ultimately leads to provide better customer experience.

It remember individuals’ context across their many points of contact with a company, to dramatically increase productivity and proactive care delivered by service representatives.

It helps to gauge current customer sentiment, engagement, adoption and demands to guide strategy and new product innovation. It also has a dashboard transcript flow where all the conversational flow is logged.

Artificial Intelligence based Conversational Call Flow

It helps to gathering to all the parameters related to booking like schedules, fares and rules for each booking class, passenger name records (PNRs), travel date and time, payment information, International or Domestic Travel, choice of Airport, e-tickets, etc. It is not only involved in managing booking requests and helps manage all ticket issuing.

It is a full automation of call flow. It also gives auto suggestion for customer care agents to reply to end customers.

Loyalty Programs for Customers

Airline loyalty programs, also known as frequent flier programs (FFPs),are marketing tools that reward customers and foster their loyalty. Customers join a loyalty program to collect points and miles. They must fly with the airline to do so. Of course, the more travellers fly, the more incentives they get.

Our digital loyalty platform integrates different wallet for payments. Using mobile wallets ensures your customers don’t miss out on points and creates a connected customer experience. It enables you to manage flights – number of times revised, booking, discounts, boarding passes, and more to make traveling more enjoyable. Reduce the use of paper and leverage technology to digitalize your airline.

It also has a feature called “Revenue Customers” where we have an additional conversational flow to ask and bring the additional revenue eg. Booking – car, hotel and more.

Secured IVR

It is fully secured it allow customers to complete their reservation with their credit cards through a secure gateway and instantly receive their e-tickets via email, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Owing to its self-driven features, the IVR system is capable of handling customer’s credit card details and processing independently. On confirmation by the customer, the call is transferred to the IVR system, following which the customer has to enter credit card details. Once the verification is complete, the customer will get an automated response and the e-ticket is issued accordingly.

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