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Campus To Smart Campus Using Artificial Intelligence

by admin

We are in the era of computing technology which makes our activities simple and effortless. One such instance is the Smart Campus featuring the Smart Library and a portal to connect with your good old friends. Let us see how a campus to smart campus using artificial intelligence is possible.

Smart Libraries have smart maps and a virtual assistant serving the students in the library to locate the books, articles they are in search of. Smart Maps guide you to different sections of the library which makes the search easier. Besides, there is a reminder feature that helps you be notified about important events taking place, exam notifications, fee notifications and etc.

Why do we need a Smart Campus?

People in all walks of life might have come across this embarrassing scenario of someone answering you rudely and inaccurately. Anyone gets irritated getting to answer the same question time and again. Imagination has no bounds and to resolve someone getting irritated, imagine an avatar to answer the same questions repeatedly multiple times in a calm posed way. This is the spark to build up the smart system a human-friendly humanized assistant. This use case serves the readers in a library lot friendlier and accurately guides you to the exact book location.

What else?

A smart solution such as this comes with the additional feature in the form of reminders to upcoming events, exams, fee notifications, circulars and etc.. This helps students to remain updated on the happenings on the campus.

The smart campus also offers the ability for the passed out students to stay connected through an Alumni portal.  With this, you can remain in touch with your good old friends. More features are yet to come to facilitate a wider audience including the teachers, professors, support staff, and management to remain connected.

Well, this is an impressive solution on the offer from Hubino which really makes your campus into a smart campus.  Feel free to reach out to us for more AI-based solutions. Click here.

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