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Designers have started preferring quirky characters or irreverent characters over any abstract visuals, believing that the more personality these characters have, the more memorable they are. This trend can be used on subjects ranging from dreamlike to the dirty.

What are Irreverent Characters?

Irreverent Characters is a trend based on concept illustration, which means these characters come in a variety of levels of detail, from simple line work found in modern cartoons to more detailed and fleshed-out drawings and add some much-needed eccentricity and humour to the mix.


Rather than using the standard fonts that everyone is familiar with, this design trend favours funky and hippy fonts, which make your designs/projects more expressive and appealing. Traditional fonts typically lack individuality and emotion, and are often insufficient to convey your entire message to your audience. So, if you think your designs are boring and need to be more appealing, these fantastic funky fonts might be the answer.


We want the design to reflect the fact that characters are essentially a collection of personality traits placed in a specific setting.The colours you use on your character are crucial in terms of design. It can help with the overall feel of your character, as well as enhance and change other aspects, bringing the character closer together. Color selection for your characters can also aid in reaching out to your target audience – for example, if your character needs to be friendly and is intended for children, use bright primary colours.

Don’t go overboard. It’s easy to get carried away or go into autopilot mode and use far too many colours. It’s critical that your character doesn’t have an excessive number of colours. It’s time to try some new colours if your eyes hurt or you’re confused when you look at your character. (Unless, of course, that’s exactly what you want.) As a rule, I try to limit myself to three main colours to keep things simple and appealing. While using complementary, split-complimentary, triadic, or analogous colour harmonies can help you create a palette, don’t feel obligated to stick to them.

Character Designing

Your character should be based on some sort of concept or idea. If you will, call it inspiration. This will give your character a lot more personality and originality. This part is simple and may seem insignificant in comparison to other aspects of character design, but without it, your character will be lost.

Irreverent Characters in designing

This feature not only gives a brand personality, but it also tells a story. It’s essentially a more entertaining way of conveying the essence of the product/service. What makes creating an irreverent character so appealing is the comfortable association customers form with the brand. Using a unique name to make a company appear more unique is a simple way to catch people’s attention.

Irreverent Characters need not to be as elaborate. They can be anything from a brightly coloured character on a beer bottle to a cartoonish animal representing a restaurant. It’s all about injecting a little more levity and relatable fun into a company’s image.

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