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Leading IT Company in Thailand approached Hubino for Digital Health Insurance Solution for Monks

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Better Medication Services and Access to best possible Health Care

Knowledge and Access to Health Insurance which improved Trust and Confidence

Monitor and easy access to past Health care Records

The client is an IT company in Thailand that had the vision to offer better healthcare to the participants and to provide better access to medical facilities to the monks who keep moving across the country to different monasteries frequently.

Client’s Challenges

The client sensed a need of digital health insurance solution due to inefficiently and unfairly collection of health fee collected by monks who are travelling across the countries. Fixed provincial location policy becomes a major obstacle because monks cannot claim their health benefits in provinces other than their registered home provinces. The monks are charged an additional fee when they are too ill to travel back to their home provinces.

The primary issues are data interoperability across public agencies, duplicated data, dispersed data locations, unqualified data, and not up-to-date data. From the citizens’ (monk) perspective, the issues faced were time consuming to validate data, unable to access data anywhere and anytime, and lack of potential to check data and rights to the services independently.

Hubino served with a Blockchain and Big Data-based solution which improved monk database and modernize to the most effective record keepings possible as well as very secured sharing across several agencies. It promoted self-health care knowledge among monks. It improved collaborations among different agencies to look after the monk population and find the best healthcare solutions, insurance, hospitals for the monk population. The platform had 3 main features Monk-App, Citizen App, and Officers App.
· Track and trace monk’s—data registration and history, personal healthcare, healthcare claims history
· Info on Search functionality on medicine and Healthcare guideline info
· Telehealth call with physicians, health volunteers per each village
· Drug payment history that includes physician prescriptions and drug reimbursement info
· Warning /alert to take medication, doctor appointment, emergency assistance.

Citizen App:-
Citizens would like to verify the monk’s status whether he is indeed officially endorsed by the National Office of Buddhism as well as report any wrongdoings by any monk. This is handled through Blockchain traceability and verification services.

Office Application:-
·  Track and trace record for  profile registration, health registration and healthcare benefits registration
·  Appointments with officers, medical doctors along with Emergency assistance
· Criminal records validation.

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