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The Leader in Higher Ed Cloud Services

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Success isn’t something that we are born with, it requires a decent amount of smart work and much more to attain it. In the process of our dedicated work, time flees away. Some take more time than the rest while few lose their patience and quit. And then finally after all the work is done and the waiting period comes to an end, we showcase the product to the world. Wēpa embraced its success in one such way when Kevin-o-Leary, Mr. Wonderful appreciated it and titled wēpa as “The Leader in Higher Ed cloud services”. He quoted this in a video after attending the EDUCAUSE annual conference. Following is the video reference.

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference elevates the best thinking in higher education IT! This is the event where professionals and technology providers from around the world gather to network, share ideas, grow professionally, and discover solutions to today’s challenges.

Wēpa creatively used this platform and stalled at booth 230 with a tagline, Bring Wēpa’s innovative print solution to your campus!

Wēpa offers an innovative cloud print solution, Internet of Things (IoT) that eliminates the need for servers. Developed specifically for higher education settings, Wēpa provides cloud capabilities that allow documents to be sent directly from sources to Wēpa print stations; this facility can be located on campuses throughout the country. Users can also access their LMS and cloud storage files directly at any print station. Wēpa is the ideal solution for printing documents on the go, documents can be uploaded in a number of convenient, easy-to-use methods from campus and personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

This product has unique specialties like Printing Solutions, Student Printing, Campus Printing, Print Management, Managed Print, Cloud Printing, Student Scanning in IoT that fits easily into a student’s daily life and technology habits.

Wēpa can support,

Hubino has been there throughout the journey of Wēpa and feels proud to be a part of its success. The team’s contribution to this larger success in framing Wēpa as “The leader in Higher Ed cloud services” is indeed commendable.

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. 

We toast this success to the ideas sprung and transplanted and recreated in the minds of team Wēpa and team Hubino.

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