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Visit to Military Hospital of the Royal Thai Army

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Diagnosing diseases early, often allows more straight forward treatment, with less impact on a patient’s life. Primary detection of diseases using computer vision and machine learning technologies is being made possible and HUBINO feels noble to be part of this.

Current Scenario

Special examinations exist for many chronic diseases, which can diagnose the disease while it is asymptomatic, (diseases with no signs or symptoms). The earlier detection of disease may lead to more cures or longer survival. This possibility has led to public health programs which recommend populations to have periodic screening examinations for detecting specific chronic diseases, for example, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so on.

At a Life Saving Center- Royal Thai Military Hospital

The Military hospital of the Royal Thai Armed Forces included a Military Medicine Center and a College of Medicine that trains doctors and further recruit them for the Armed Forces. Now they wanted to provide all the possible advanced technologies to save the lives of the brave Soldiers who fight for the country. Having HUBINO as the major technological support, Hospital authorities could confidently make this mission possible. One such advancement is the implementation of  an early symptom detection using computer vision and deep learning expertise of HUBINO.

Primary Stage Disease Detector

The strategy on the implementation of early-stage disease detection using computer vision and machine learning technologies was initiated when Mr. Sathees Ramasamy, CEO HUBINO visited the Center of Military Medical Hospital of the Royal Thai Armed Forces on Oct 10, 2018.

HUBINO’s creativity is far beyond excellence, I mean, who would have wondered of creating a system, developed by a unique observation and analytics technology, leveraging the physiognomy science in combination with advanced Artificial Intelligence? Well, this is true!

Physiognomy is a unique practice of assessing a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance. The face, especially, says a lot about the individual parts of the brain, the balance of hormones, expresses pain, etc. All of which is highly responsible for stable health conditions. HUBINO team have used this principle of physiognomy science and multiple Artificial Intelligence disciplines to do identify early signs of diseases. The mechanism is very simple, using cameras the human facial expressions get scanned, and during this scanning process detection happens.

Why such a technology?

Most of the chronic diseases don’t exhibit external symptoms in the early days of infection. After it gets worse the symptoms might be visible but the risk is high and thus saving the life of the patient becomes a question mark. This technology helps to detect diseases at the early, no symptom stage and hence chances of saving the patient’s life is high.

With this Physiognomy based Artificial Intelligence system on a mission to save millions of lives and re-empower every Individual to make better-educated choices in a fast changing world. Wishing the HUBINO team more creativity and success to such deeds in the upcoming years.

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