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Educate Students in yellow-shapea FUN way

ammie helps education sector to improve remote learning experiences, support students, unlock virtual tutoring and much more.

  • Eliminate students fear, help them to come out freely and express themselves
  • Students feel that they are interacting with their favourite avatar
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Emotion & Behaviour Analyser

The Deep-tech and Hi-tech knowledge along with AI technology in ammie helps teachers to understand students feeling through their voice patterns, emotion and behaviour. This helps education sectors to provide better teaching service.

  • Students are identified using Facial Recognition
  • Analyses emotions and behaviour of the students & teachers in a classroom
  • Monitor activities of teachers in grooming the kids
  • Helps to understand students interest and attentiveness
  • Provides data and reports to school management for better decision making
Artificial Intelligence
Metaverse Platform

AI Based Virtual Tutoring

Its humanized engagement helps student to be fearless and 24/7 availability helps students to learn from anywhere at any time.

  • Understands what user says and assess the correctness of words/ sentences to provide analytics
  • Workload of teachers gets reduced
  • Less reliability on teachers and learn anytime anywhere
  • Increases students interest in learning
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New EdTech

It gives a personalized and emotionally a great educational experience for the student which makes a huge difference in modern digital learning environments.

  • Metaverse platform gives a classroom like feeling for the students
  • Teachers can educate students through playing videos, sharing pictures
Education industry
Metaverse Platform