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Better services to Customer

Customers have a better guiding throughout the process and assisting them with their questions around the clock and reducing wait time.

  • Virtual Assistant supports customers to perform transactions in online banking
  • Can assist in different types of service enquiry
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Emotion & Behaviour Analyser

Deep-tech and Hi-tech knowledge along with AI technology is used in to give a human like factor for the customer in their digital banking experience. Customers’ voice patterns, emotion and behavior can be analyzed by Virtual Avatar’s AI, allowing banks to determine if customers are happy or upset.

  • Real time customer feedback recording
  • Customer behaviour analytics
  • Customers emotions during waiting time to get serviced
  • To know the interest levels of employees during working hours
Financial industry
Metaverse Platform
Humanized Avatar
Financial Industry

AI Based Virtual Assistant

It helps delivering 24/7 hyper-personalized help and humanized engagement which improves customer services and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Text/Voice based interaction and language support for customers convenience
  • Assist in forming the smart queuing to get serviced using token generation
AI based Humanized Avatar
AI based Humanized Avatar

New FinTech

Virtual Avatar is more engaging and effective than a telephonic conversation. It can be used in AR, VR, Bank Kiosks, Mobile Apps, and the Web, is as effective as a face-to-face meeting.

  • Two factor authentication using FR in banking application/accessing lockers/ATM
  • Threat Response systems to recognize unusual objects like masked heads, guns and trigger notifications
  • KYC system to avoid manual errors on the banking side
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