Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing for COVID-19

The client is a leading software company in Malaysia more focused towards Healthcare sector and they wanted to develop a specific software for pandemic disease like COVID-19

Contact Tracing
Identify People
Monitor Quarantined People
Healthcare sector

Client’s Challenges

Client was looking for an AI partner to develop a mobile app for pandemic disease like COVID-19 with in a short period of time with the core objective of identifying persons who comes in contact with the affected person.


The whole solution helps in identifying the people in close proximities with the affected people who become vulnerable. This is achieved by calculating the distance between them, amount of time spent and the exact location where they come in contact. It also tracks quarantined people and alerts the frontline personnel like when they moved out of quarantine.

We designed the application in a way that it speeds up the process taking less time to be more effective yet a user friendly app with rich visuals. Potentially, the number of users will be more, we architected this application to accommodate the scaling up of users and ensuring the performance does not go down. With this application, tracing of vulnerable people through mobile numbers helps healthcare officials to take care of them.

Value Proposition

Helps the health authorities to control the spread of disease and caution those vulnerable

It helps frontline personnel to monitor the quarantined people

Helps in identifying the people in close proximities with the affected people

Technology & Tools Used


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