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Connecting labs, patients online and included with COVID-19 testing

Client is one of the insurance claims processing company in USA committed to the welfare of patients by speeding up the claims processing diligently preventing no denials. They wanted to bring up a system helping the public to schedule an appointment with the labs and eventually with healthcare providers to avoid crowd during COVID-19 crisis.

IODx Connect
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Client’s Challenges

Main challenge faced by the client is to build a digital platform with the ability to do the consulting with the healthcare providers, schedule appointments and carry out tests in different places.


Hubino with its core expertise in healthcare domain was spotted by the client as a right fit to deliver the solution in a quick turnaround time. The solution developed has features like scheduling appointments to different labs that are near from their place of residence. This helps people not to rush, schedule a time to carry out test and helps avoiding crowd especially in the crisis where social distancing is mandatory. Passport feature helps people gain access to air travel by revealing the test results carried out earlier with the simple QR code and is not just limited to airport but can be applied to other public places like malls, theaters,etc. Besides, the solution offers the telehealth where public who carried out tests such as Rapid Serology Test (Antigen) and PCR (Virus) Test can reach out to healthcare providers in this digital platform without having to wait for a long time. This telehealth also prevents both doctors and public from becoming vulnerable.

Value Proposition

Be at home to schedule an appointment and carry out tests in the nearest test center.

Tests can be carried out in different mobile test centers

Telehealth offers non-vulnerable consulting to both doctors and public

Gain access to public transport using QR code Passportfeature

Hassle free collection of test results in no time

Technology & Tools Used


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