Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing for COVID-19

Helps the authorities to find whom the affected people have meet, calculates the distance between them, amount of time spent and the exact location where they contacted. Tracks quarantined pandemic disease (COVID-19) carriers and alerts the essential front line personnel of when they have departed quarantine.

Easy Customization

Customization can be done based on the requirements given by the public/private monitoring agency.

Scalable Architecture

The application is built on scalable cloud based architecture to handle the volume. It is supported in IOS and Android mobile platform.



Track movements relative to the locations of confirmed COVID-19 cases. This helps to alert the person and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Real-Time Data

The real-time data from different sources helps the user to know the exact number and be secured. This will enable industry to make informed decisions on the safety of their employees when they resume work.

Strategic Sales

The structured module with dialogues helps to drive actions and thinking.
The coaching module helps to overcome obstacles.








Govt. Agencies

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