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Audri.Life Mobile App

We all enjoy seeing new places, and each one has its own unique narrative to share. Some are about culture, music and food, while others include tales of lovely common people. Some may have swaying metropolises, while others have serene villages. Regrettably, the majority of these tales are unknown.

Allow us to introduce you to Audri.Life, a smartphone app that notifies local scenes, events, history, and much more as you drive along the highway. 

So, What exactly happens in the world of Audri.Life?

Audri.Life provides you with three main features – Listen, Share & Do

What all can we listen to with Audri.Life?

Say we are on the road enjoying our travel, Audri.Life will notify you of the various tales it has stocked about that particular place you are at or are passing by. It has many categories like travel stories, famous restaurants, local folk tales, nearby places to visit, etc.

Although this application is built exclusively for travel, we don’t restrict fun. You can listen to Audri.Life while cooking, gyming, or anytime and anywhere you want to.

What can we share with Audri.Life?

Share your travel stories, your experience at a specific location or an event, the magic you sense in your hometown, what makes your current location unique, and so on. Sharing all of these amusing, emotional, and true experience stories will allow you to relive those memories and let others know about what they should not miss while visiting that location.

What else?

The most exclusive AI capabilities of Audri.Life, such as NLP and Chatbox, which were developed by Hubino’s experts, culminated in a hands-free voice command based application. This application aids the driver’s safety and comfort. Audri.Life has yet another wonderful feature. The Map is its Life. Hubino’s professionals in geolocation and map-based application development assisted in the creation of a user-friendly map component for this app, which made things a lot more engaging, enjoyable, and straightforward.

The Audri.Life Map displays places with interesting stories. We can simply listen to any of the tales that interest you by clicking on them. Also, if you have a narrative about a location that isn’t listed on the map, you’re only a click away from recording it.

What are we doing finally?

It’s quite simple: connect to Audri.Life to spice things up when you’re on the road, want to listen to something exciting, are bored doing daily chores, and so on. Connect with Audri.Life whenever you want to share something fun, exciting, or memorable. Both life and speech are important. If  you spot your location has no information on the Audri.Life map, click and fill in all of it.

So, the next time you’re travelling or just want to kill boredom , think about  Audri.Life, a voice-activated, GPS-enabled travel companion that encourages you to listen to the depth and originality of the local interesting places to eat or play, hear local musicians, learn about history, and play local-info road games as you pass by. It’s like having all of the excitement of getting lost without the threat.

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