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Blockchain Product and Service provider in USA approached Hubino for Facial Authentication Solution

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Customer has Full Control over their Transaction

Highest level of Protection from Potential Frauds such as Phishing, Stolen Credentials or Passwords, and even Phone Cloning that catches Customers unaware.

Reduces time and speeds up the process leading to Customer Satisfaction

The client is continuously developing bespoke, highly secure, fast, and fully compliant Blockchain products and services including a payment gateway, trade exchange, trading ZAR/XRP cryptocurrency on the XRP Ledger. The client provides an exclusive Xchange to buy, trade, send and receive ZAR/XRP cryptocurrency on the XRP Ledger within an average of 3.8 seconds, minimizing the risk of currency exchange fluctuations.

Client’s Challenges

The client wanted a robust and foolproof system to provide uncompromised security to their users. Two-factor authentications and time-based One time Password are the most common and best practices available in the industry. The client wanted to find out the safest mode for making digital payments.


Hubino offered a facial authentication solution. Hubino’s Computer Vision AI Intelligence provides an additional layer of validation for all transactions which happens within the Xchange. It is one time-based password and makes sure zero transactions happen in the account without the account owner’s approval.

Now the end-user can perform any transaction (buy, trade, send) in the Xchange Platform, during each transaction an additional third-factor authentication pops up on the end-user mobile app.

End-user has to complete the one-time based facial authentication to complete the transactions with the Xchange platform.

Value Proposition

This offers the highest level of protection from potential frauds such as phishing, stolen credentials or passwords, and even phone cloning that catches customers unaware. This unique capability ensures customers have full control over their transactions.

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