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A Confectionery pioneer uses Hubino’s Emotions Analyzer

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Helps reduce food waste based on historical data of food usage

Interaction free automatic survey system which is reliable and real-time

Analytics on the emotions help improve serving quality food for the employees

The client is one of the finest and leading confectioners across the globe with the intent of being the best in employee welfare. As a confectioner belonging to the food industry, they wanted to pay attention to the food being served to the employees in the office canteen.

Client’s Challenges
Lack of automated survey system to improve the welfare of its employees by serving quality and tasty food. So they wanted to bring in technology to know employee’s feedback without depending on them forms their main challenge.

The client worked with different software vendors trying to build this automated survey system but they were not satisfied with the outcome. Finally, they decided to go with Hubino for developing this system. Hubino solution involves computer vision through which the emotions are analyzed and feedback is recorded automatically.

Emotions are captured at different stages like when the food is served, having food to form an opinion. These analytics are vital and is accomplished using machine, deep learning techniques. Numerous patterns are fed into the system to form the intelligence so that algorithms become emotionally intelligent to classify the images based on the patterns. With this solution in place, real-time reliable feedback is possible reducing the dependency on employees write up.

The whole purpose is not limited to capturing the emotions of the employees but also form analytics which helps in the quantity of food consumed. This eventually helps in preventing food waste as well as to caution on healthy fitness. Based on periodic population analysis, preparation of food can be limited based on the historical data helping to avoid food wastage. As the data keep growing, the system by itself will act as a health advisor and be able to decide on the food requirements for the day.

Value Proposition
This is an interaction-free automatic survey system. This kind of feedback system is cost and time-effective which is reliable and real-time. This system helps reduce food waste based on historical data of food usage. Analytics on the emotions help improve serving the employees of the organization with quality food.

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