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Telecom Industry in Thailand approached Hubino for IoT Tracking solution to Schools

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Parents can easily track their kids in school, bus or home along with alerts and notification

Alert caretakers when kids cross the boundaries of the fence through Geofencing

Ease the school’s attendance system. Teachers don’t have to spend time taking attendance

The client is one of the world’s strongest brands in telecommunications and a larger-scale service provider in Thailand with a customer base of more than 41 Million. The client realized a need for a solution to track kids while on the road on a school bus from home to school and vice versa.

Client’s Challenges
The client was in need of an AI solution provider in Thailand. The underlying challenge was a lack of skilled resources and the required components to build the solution.

Hubino after having expanded its operations to Thailand was noticed and identified as a prominent solution provider in the AI space by the client. Few discussions with the client helped Hubino to understand their challenge and as part of consulting Hubino proposed an IoT solution which was well received.
Hubino devised an IoT solution as an add-on to their list of offerings that track kids from home to school and vice versa using the IoT devices. These IoT devices embedded in ID cards or as wearable is detected by the application installed on the school bus driver’s smartphone. School management and parents of the kid are now able to track their presence using a smartphone. The application offers the ability to configure triggers to send notifications to the parents or to the school management. For instance, alert the driver to alight the kid at school when the drop-off time is met. This prevents kids from suffocating to death or leaving them unattended.

Value Proposition
The IoT tracking solution contributes to the safety of the kid. With geofencing offers the ability to set up virtual fencing to alert caretakers when kids cross the boundaries of the fence. It also forms the attendance system. Parents can have a sign of relief as they continue to get the notification as part of tracking.

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