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Leading Manufacturing Industry in India approached Hubino for Preventive Maintenance Solution

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Alerts action officers to act upon the notifications received from the preventive maintenance system

Prevents huge losses through loss of productivity

Improves operational efficiency

The client is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical, healthcare, aviation components having a global presence. One of the manufacturing units in Southern India was facing few issues affecting their business operations.

Client’s Challenges

The client required a preventive maintenance system in the transformers that are leading to an increase in oil pressure inside the pillar, temperature rise, dust accumulation that was eventually resulting in a fire in the transformers.


Hubino, having won the trust of the client with different solutions provided earlier, became the automatic choice to provide a solution. After analyzing the nature of the problem, Hubino developed the idea to put various sensors that would help send signals based on the threshold value set. Infrared sensors on the bus bar to send signals. Based on the signals, the pressure calculations take place using the equations. Likewise, images captured in RGB format using a camera would be sent to the server to calculate the deviation from the standard value set. Using Lora gateways and beacons, information like temperature and other critical values are sent to the server. With all the collected information using sensors, alerts will be sent to appropriate action officers to act upon to prevent the fire mishap in the transformers. Integrating different censors with the software paved the way for preventive maintenance to be successful.

Value Proposition

Because of the solution, damages to the transformer are prevented, and other components are associated. This preventive maintenance solution avoids loss of productivity, improving operational efficiency. Adds value to work safe environment.

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