Improving Customer Service in Aviation Industry
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Improving Customer Service in Aviation Industry

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An interesting article released from Mckinsey which gives insights to understand how traveller preferences have evolved since the onset of the pandemic.


Today travel industry is focusing on betterment of customer service which is the key to their success. It is always said that customers are satisfied when all their complaints are heard and resolved immediately by the airline company.


A sense of trust is built between the company and its passengers by providing a good customer service. This allows customers to keep choosing the same airline company which helps the company’s to increase their revenue.

We at Hubino help aviation industry by providing a better customer call management system with AI enabled which simplifies business integration and increases flexibility. With this system a travel/aviation industry can control communications department wise such as ticketing, booking, inquiry and general support divisions. It also empower their agents with powerful dashboard to have context aware communication with their customers. It ultimately leads to provide better customer service.


Please check our case study to know more about this solution.

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