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UNTIL To Serve Humanity Using Emerging Technologies

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Various dignitaries of the tech world participated in an event “UNTIL Thailand Ideation Workshop” held between February 11 to 14 this year for a common cause joining hands with UNTIL to serve humanity using emerging technologies.

Dignitaries include, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Lead Developers, Business Development Managers and Business Executives. Hubino as a pioneer in the emerging technologies like Computer vision, Virtual Reality, Natural Language Processing was invited to showcase its abilities to the AI World to take notice.

Hubino was well represented by Mr. Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram, CTO,  and Mr.Vivian Titus, Project Lead, Hubino which garnered attention from the entire audience and the contents presented were well received.

Presentation on the abilities and demo on some of the AI products made techies around to think of collaborating with Hubino. The workshop event had boosted the business prospects for Hubino as well as for the other vendors. Yet again Hubino made its towering presence and stamped itself as a fore runner in AI-based solutions.

Some of the showcases for Virtual Avatar based solutions include Tutoring, Library Assistance, HR Assistance and Medical Assistance. Virtual Avatar based solutions can be built for any industry to service customers 24/7 non-stop.


  • Virtual  Tutoring is an advancement and a new platform to make learning easy.
  • Virtual Avatar based tutoring replaces the actual teacher that the machine should be able to make corrections on the student’s answer.
  • Virtual Avatar based tutoring really transforms the learning process, improves the friendliness with learners and a boon to learners who are shy to talk or learn a new language.


  • Virtual Avatar based medical assistance helps patients/visitors to check on the doctor’s availability, completing the prerequisites, act as a guide for different services.
  • Virtual Avatar can help educate patients/visitors on different diseases, new services offered, new treatments, pre and post surgical activities.

Any industry:

  • All industries having HR department has its own challenges in the form of answering the same questions to different employees, visitors. Virtual HR assistant replaces the actual person and takes care of the repetitive tasks.
  • Using face recognition, it can recognize the employees of an organization and track their activities and interacts to form interactive virtual assistance. Virtual Avatar based solutions can be built for any industries to service the customers 24/7 non-stop.

Words such as “We must work together”,” We are interested to work with you” from representatives of different organizations is a “No Surprise” but indeed is encouraging that it will form the success stories in the days to come. Now let us take a look at Hubino’s meeting with representatives.

1. Svicha Sudchai ( Tom), CEO, Lightnet Thailand
2. Satu Suikkari-kleven, Ambassador, Embassy of Finland, Bangkok
3. Salem Avan, Senior Director, Policy, Strategy & Governance Division, United Nations, New York
4. Dianne Dain, UN Global Partnerships Manager, Office of Information and Communications Technology
5. Soranit Siltharam, M.D, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology
6. Rustom Modi, Consulting Partner, AWR Lloyd, London
7. Subrato Basu, Vice President APAC Research Board, Gartner
8. Prem Nair, Information Systems Officer, United Nations, Thailand
9. Harshit Singhal, CEO HashedIn & Deepak Jayaraman, Senior Partner HashedIn

Team Hubino ended on a high note with prospects showing interest and establishing a good rapport. This event came to a booster after having established a business unit in Thailand recently and thanks to UNTIL for the invite to participate in a fascinating event like this.

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