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Visit from OGIS-RI & Agnie Corp from Japan

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A great teamwork happens when teams sit around the table with clients and collaborate to make
project plans and learns through brainstorming sessions.

A team of technology enthusiasts from OGIS-RI and Agnie Consulting Corporation from Japan visited Hubino office for a technical collaboration. During the meeting, our technical experts exchanged their knowledge on various expertise in NEW Gen technologies and solutions right from SmartGas Station, Smart city, IoT, computer vision, VR and Data Science.


OGIS-RI provides technology and business solutions that fit the bill perfectly for businesses.

Their expertise includes offering to consult, IT strategy development, and systems design, development, operation and management providing seamless, integrated solutions for enterprises.

Agnie Consulting 

Agnie Consulting, from Tokyo Japan, provides services for all the processes, right from strategic planning and design at the lower phases, to development, operation and maintenances at the upper phases, they provide a holistic service for businesses.

In addition to all of this, they provide professional expertise for the package implementation based on their client’s enquiries.

Their Visit to Hubino…

The visiting team was amazed at the demos, technology that was in practice and solutions that were provided by our team.

They were even happy to experience our technology on their own and were impressed with the solutions provided.

This technical collaboration is a synergistic partnership that empowers technical enthusiasts with a potential to explore something new and create more powerful solutions. All three companies are looking forward to exchanging knowledge in their respective thought leadership and build powerful technological innovations.

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