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AI Humanized Avatar As Virtual Receptionist

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Mondelez India formerly Cadbury India required Hubino to come up with solutions such as aggregate emotion analytics and Humanoid Digital Receptionist. AI expert team headed by Mr.Karthikeyan Shanmugasundaram, Chief Technology Officer, and Mr.Vivian Titus, Project Lead from Hubino visited Mondelez Mumbai Office between 12 December 2018 to 14 December 2018 to showcase Hubino’s ability to make AI Humanized Avatar as Virtual Receptionist as a solution in spite of its sheer complexity.

The Humanoid digital receptionist made on Unity 3D combined along with our Face Recognition solution and NLP system, designed to recognize particular faces and respond to them accordingly.

The demo was particularly aimed at welcoming the guest of honor Mrs. Caroline Basyn, CIO, Mondelez Ltd., and the response were tailored to showcase the Avatar’s true potential.

The Avatar greeted our chief guest at the right moment and was glad to say she was excited at what she saw. But the bot’s interaction was limited as it was a demo version so she was not able to carry out a conversation further.

Hubino is committed to further humanize the avatar so that it can be deployed as a receptionist and carry out tasks such as handling service requests and controlling the workplace smart devices.

The other demo was about capturing people’s emotions in the canteen to check if they are contented with the food provided. An analytics dashboard and a phone capture emotions that were developed for this case. The demo was presented to our clients and they were happy to see the demo working smoothly.

The one shortcoming which Mondelez India expressed was to capture people’s emotions at longer distances using normal phone cameras. This is a technical limitation. The three-day visit was engaging for either party involved and the demo was well received with accolades and expressed their satisfaction with Hubin’s efforts.

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