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Emotion Analyzer and Virtual Assistant using Computer Vision

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Rajavithi HospitalOne of the leading international hospitals in Thailand, where Innovation is regarded as one of the hospital’s core values. Medical Innovation Center established in the last decade has successfully created innovative medical products and continues to support innovative works. The Hospital has many Centers of Excellence – CoE for various departments, a university hospital, a research hospital, a residency training hospital, and more. To them, the need of the hour is an emotion analyzer and virtual assistant using computer vision to form a smarter vision.

Rajavithi Hospital has embraced research and development, technological assessment, service standard, clinical practice guideline, innovative medical care, and services including bimolecular research in close collaboration with varied institutions nationally and internationally. Clinical Research and Bio-Statistics workshops and seminars are conducted by experts in cooperation with the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University.

Mr.Sathees RamasamyHubino, gained an opportunity to meet Dr. Sathit Niramitmahapanya, M.D at Rajavithi Hospital Innovation center during his visit to Bangkok in December 2018 and discussed the possible solutions that can be offered to implement a smart health care system with the help of Artificial Intelligence and innovation for the betterment of servicing the patients. That led to the design of an innovative medical solution to analyze the moods and emotions of the patients using computer vision, applied intelligence, and virtual avatar to interact with patients to form the smart healthcare system.

This smart health care system is intended to serve the patients in a more efficient way like reducing the wait time to consult the doctor, wait time to get a preliminary diagnosis done, emotions on the face could help them understand better the situation, this also makes the doctor’s job much easier helping to treat more patients rather spending time on the preliminary diagnosis.

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