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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is here to stay: it’s become a pervasive part of everyday life, of business and leisure, and multiple sectors where deep learning technology makes for happier employees and more satisfied customers. Humanized Virtual Assistant – Healthcare, conducts preliminary patient screening, guide through hospital procedures, fixing appointments with doctors, sending details of appointment and reminder on appointments.

Say ‘hi’ to Ammie: your personalized health care deep learning assistant. Designed to track key clinical data and share it with medical professionals, Ammie is an invaluable tool in the healthcare sector. Unlike traditional web- and app-based services that let users interact with their general physician over video or by phone, Ammie engages with patients by entirely eliminating the human factor. A Sample conversation with Ammie is as follows

Patient: Hello
Ammie: Hey Jeff! What can I do for you today?
Patient: I’m running a temperature and getting chills.
Ammie: I’m sorry to hear that. How long have you been getting the chills?
Patient: Since last night.
Ammie: I recommend you see your General Physician Dr. Susan. Shall I check for an appointment now?
Patient: Yes, Please.
Ammie: Dr. Susan is available at 1 PM today. There are already 3 patients in the queue. You will be the fourth one. Shall I proceed to book an appointment?
Patient: Sure. Go ahead.
Ammie: Could you provide your mobile number?
Patient: XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Ammie: You will get your appointment details on your mobile shortly. Wish you a speedy recovery and am glad to service you.

Powered by smart AI and deep learning technologies, Ammie elevates patient experiences at all levels: by providing compassionate elder care support, progress monitoring or advice on required exercises for post-operative care, or offering mental health services to those in need.

Ammie may be an AI but the ultimate goal behind the virtual assistant is to give patients peace of mind knowing they’re interacting with a humanoid robot. Most health care deep learning assistants available on the market only interact via texts or online messaging systems. On the other hand, Ammie relies on a powerful text-to-speech technology to craft intelligent, life-like conversations. Ammie is also equipped with cutting-edge voice recognition technology that humanizes interactions for deeper engagement.

Designed for intuitive use, Ammie responds to patient requests and rapidly identifies symptoms to provide custom-tailored suggestions and medical help. It listens to the problem, recognizes keywords and phrases and delivers an appropriate response by dynamically generating human-like speech. Up until now, most virtual health care tools – though marketed as ‘health care deep learning assistants’ – were only able to emulate intelligent speech, rearranging what the patient has already shared. Ammie takes things further by engaging with your medical data and medical concerns thanks to state-of-the-art AI and deep learning technologies that power its facial recognition, symptom recognition, and clever speech algorithms.

The immersive technology and facial recognition algorithms make Ammie more than just a health care assessment tool: it’s your personal health care deep learning assistant there to help with medical recommendations and health care advice, as well as private conversations about mental health and disorders including PTSD, HIV and more.

Embrace the future of health care with the ultimate health care deep learning assistant. Say hi to a healthier, happier you and say hi to Ammie.

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