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AI-Powered Resume Analyzer To Serve United Nations

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AI-Powered Resume Analyzer To Serve United Nations

Intelligence is inevitable and is required in anything we do like study, sport, business operations, customer service and etc.. Artificial Intelligence is the machine intelligence to perform some of the tedious and repetitive tasks carried out on a daily basis. Here let us see how an AI-powered resume analyzer to serve United Nations takes out the burden of the Human Resource department in their candidate selection process.

Admitting a candidate to the selection process plays a crucial role and is equally important in the interviewing and hiring process. Enterprise organizations require few job positions to be filled in a short span of time. This puts the human resource department to be on their toes to fill the vacancies with the right candidate. The keyword is the “Right Candidate”.

Hubino as a provider of Artificial Intelligence Solutions collaborated with United Nations to build a system for their recruiting process. Because of its omnipresence, filling in a vacancy is not so easy, and imagine the number of curriculum vitae would hit the database in response to the job vacancy. Besides this, there was a need to build a virtual assistant for handling support.

Resume Analyzer – The Solution

Hubino understood the pain points in the form of a number of curriculum vitae to screen for the requirement, language constraints, time, and accuracy. Proposed an automated curriculum vitae analyzer. This cuts down the time taken to screen based on the job description defined in the system.

Analyzer improves the efficiency, accuracy in matching with the job skills and description defined in the system. Undoubtedly, this helps HR managers to save time and alleviates the trouble of sorting through irrelevant, underprepared, and weak resumes to find the “Right” candidates.

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