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Artificial Intelligence Serving Student Fraternity

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Communication Gap

Providing education to students is one of the essential duties of any government across the globe. There are students hailing from different economic backgrounds. Students from poor economic backgrounds and those from the moderate economy face numerous challenges to pursue their education as education has become a business. Let us see how Artificial Intelligence is better utilized to serve the student fraternity.

Most of the developed countries offer free quality education to students. Access to avail of the benefits has been made easy for them. But the case is different for a developing nation like India. Irrespective of the governments, various schemes are being launched for the welfare of the students. But the quality of service provided to these students and access to information is a big question mark.

National Informatics Centre
We are in the era of the digital revolution. It is very easy to reach out to students in every corner of the country with the help of mobile applications. All the relevant information about different welfare schemes becomes handy. National Informatics Centre, is a “prime builder” of e-Governance applications. They are up to the grassroots level serving as a promoter of digital opportunities for sustainable development.

One-Stop Solution Provider

Hubino as a solution provider in Artificial Intelligence showcased its abilities in collaborating with NIC to reach every student in nuke and corner of the country. Hubino designed a solution for the nationalized voice-based chat-bot system in different languages applying Artificial Intelligence. The solution built is intelligent enough to cater to the needs of the students interacting with them in the form of a questionnaire and responses.

Most importantly, this helps students to check their eligibility to various welfare schemes implemented by the government as well as to stay aware of the various welfare schemes. Students will find it easier to access information helping them to make use of the schemes to battle economic shortcomings. Therefore this is indeed a novel service to the economically backward students, in turn, serving future India.

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