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AI based Bot for Assisting Salesperson

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AI based Bot for Assisting Salesperson
AI based Bot for Assisting Salesperson



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It acts as a salesperson assistant. It uses speech recognition and text messaging to drive salesperson performance. By helping salespeople complete CRM admin, providing customer and data insights and chasing next steps, it helps to execute sales strategy perfectly using your existing tools.

Perfecting Sales Execution

Companies invest in CRM tools and sales models to improve their sales execution. Sales execution plays a huge role in determining if your organization has the correct culture for optimal sales growth, whether your sales process is correct, and how well your sales teams are being supported in their everyday tasks. Half-hearted data capture and lack of sales diligence means that results are poor and credibility is questioned.

At Hubino, we developed an artificial intelligence bot for Daive. It is bespoke salesperson’s assistant which will communicate with your Sales Team automatically using natural speech and text messaging. It improves consistency, clarity and diligence executing your sales model perfectly.

This artificial intelligence bot is integrated with CRM, which helps to have perfect execution and delivering value through insights, guidance and admin support. It acts as mini CRM for the all kind of AI data, follow ups, etc.

Helps to make Strategic selling

The importance of a Strategic Selling is a key to success for all the companies. It provides companies with a common language and a common process for pursuing sales opportunities, along with criteria for resource allocation. It helps sales forces determine when to go after deals, and when to walk away from those with a low probability of success.

This artificial intelligence bot provides insights and information about customer and contact. It draws insight between existing customers and sales data. Helps to track what actions are going on. It prompts for next steps and sets reminders. It improves consistency and clarity.

It also provides enriched management dashboards. It records forecasts and performance. It works from custom rules to drive required behaviours. Ultimately helping company to have strategic selling work.

Empowering your Agents with right tool to provide Better Customer Experience

When your agents don’t have the tools they need it becomes difficult for them to have context aware communication with the customers. So it forces them to get creative and use what they have to the best of their ability. This can greatly hurt productivity in your workplace, which can also hurt your organization’s bottom line.

The AI based dashboard empowers your agents with powerful dashboard which gives them a complete history of customer activity. This helps them to know better about their customer before attending their call and have a context aware communication with their customer. Ultimately leads to provide better customer experience.

Easy Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting allows companies to efficiently allocate resources for future growth and manage its cash flow. Sales forecasting also helps businesses to estimate their costs and revenue accurately based on which they are able to predict their short-term and long-term performance.

This artificial intelligence bot uses your existing CRM to update information, record forecasts and performance. It helps to clean up records and prompts for information often not recorded. Provides enhanced management dashboards.

Streamlining your Sales Methodology

Sales methodologies are the guiding principles for how a sales organization engages current and prospective customers, dictates sales processes and develops seller skills and enablement support.

Creating your company’s sales process map can be fun, enlightening, and well worth the effort. This solution helps in relationship mapping to evaluate and visually represent the steps your sales team takes in order to close a deal.

It helps to provide effective value metric to improve your sales performance like – number of follow-ups from high-quality leads, time spent creating new content, number of marketing collaterals utilized by sales reps, number of sales tools utilized by each sales rep. and more.

Effective Sales Report to make quick Decisions

Sales report plays an important role in every organization. It helps you take the guesswork out of your business decisions by giving you a clear view of where your company stands at every level of your sales process. By focusing on measurable activities that have clear outcomes, you can add more value to each individual salesperson and the company as a whole.

Along with a standard sales report like core KPIs, team performance, number of goods sold, net sales, profits, and customer acquisition costs. This solution provides additional inputs like commitments, critical dependencies, lead tables and org. level position to make effective decisions to improve sales.

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