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High Secured Document Management Solution

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High Secured Document Management Solution
High Secured Document Management Solution



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It helps to securely store, share, request and track important documents. Whether an individual is trying to get his family document in one place, or a business collecting documents from his clients. MIDO makes it easy to do.

Storage of Personal and Official Documents

A document management system puts documents all in one place, ensuring that employees or individuals family member are working with the same set of information. This centralized repository of critical documents can serve as a “source of truth”.

We at Hubino developed a document management solution for MIDO. This solution helps to easily store personal or official documents safely and easily share whenever required. It can store different types of documents like passport, insurance, driving license, international ID card, etc. Now can share the entire document or a particular field (e.g. Passport Number, Driving license Number) in the documents like text or image.

Store, Request and Sharing

File sharing helps to ensure team collaboration in many ways. It can help ensure security and create a centralized knowledge base. It can also help you cut costs and ensure efficient project collaboration. The tool can help you manage larger files, too.

The solution helps to share the documents with your loved ones, colleagues and customers. It allows employees or family members to quickly and easily process, store, and retrieve crucial documents. It picks exactly what information someone sees, and for how long, when you share documents.


It is a simple way for users to be alerted of a document that will require attention in the future. For example users can be reminded monthly to update expense reports or to review yearly employee contracts that are up for renewal.

In this solution once the document is stored in the system the user can set reminders to renew a particular document (e.g. Passport) depending upon his need. It makes user work easy as he need not have to go through the document and keep checking it regularly. It ensures the user does not miss any renewal date. We make use of a combination of in-app messages, push notifications and emails to make sure you update your documents before it causes any problems.

Fully Secured

The solution takes care of the privacy and security, so you can just snap, tap and stop worrying. It uses bank-level security to keep your documents safe. We encrypt each document on your device before uploading it to our servers, and have many additional safe guards as well.

It has a built in features such as Face ID or Fingerprint ID, as well as a pin code to protect your account. Whenever you share a document with another user, hub or business, you can track anytime they open and view your document, and revoke access earlier as well. The solution runs on Amazon Web Services. Amazon’s data centres are among the most secure in the world.

The solution help you have full control of your data. Every trace of your data can be removed or exported with one simple request.

The solution is compliant to GDPR and HIPPA. It uses AES 256 and RSA encryption techniques to secure user data.

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