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Mobile App solution to support during COVID-19 pandemic situation

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Mobile App solution to support during COVID-19 pandemic situation-hummingbird
Mobile App solution to support during COVID-19 pandemic situation-hummingbird


The Hummingbird Health Project

Products and Services

HL7 Messaging

Reporting To CDC

AWS Components


Java Spring Boot

Web Dashboard – Appointment Management and Publishing Results

Mobile App – Stock Management, Appointment Management and Publishing Results


Software Development

Organization Size

Corporate (2 – 10 employees)



It believes in paving holistic solutions. Taking one step at a time. Toward the vision of a more connected, personalized, and impactful public health infrastructure. It aims to address the system-level operational challenges public health groups face.

Effective during Pandemic Situation

We at Hubino helped Hummingbird to create a mobile app which helps patients to schedule appointment with their nearest lab, get online result, reminder about the doses, QR code passport access and along with telehealth service to get connected with their healthcare provider.

This helps people not to rush, schedule a time to carry out COVID-19 test and helps avoiding crowd especially in the crisis where social distancing is mandatory.

Schedule Appointment with nearest Labs for Testing

Online systems make patient management easier and more efficient. Some online scheduling systems for appointments also have management of patient health records as part of the package. The organization can create a single point from which to save, update, manage and analyze patient information.

Now patients can book appointments online or on their mobile app with labs, without having to call them. The solution developed has features like scheduling appointments to different labs with multi patient intake facility that are near from their place of residence.

Vaccine Flow Program

Achieving high uptake of vaccines requires effective planning, coordination, and implementation of a range of strategies.

The vaccine flow program in this solution helps doctor to monitor the vaccine dosage taken by the patient. It helps to notify the patient about their dosage through their registered mobile number. It also reminds the patient about their next dosage. This helps patient not to miss his/her dosage and ensure they take it at the right time. It helps the hospital to monitor the stock-in and stock-out of vaccines for better patient care.

QR code Passport to access Public Places

A vaccine passport or proof of vaccination is an immunity passport employed as a credential in countries and jurisdictions as part of efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic via vaccination. A vaccine passport is typically issued by a government or health authority, and usually consists of a digital or printed record. Some credentials may include a scannable QR code, which can also be provisioned via mobile app. It may or may not use a COVID-19 vaccine card as a basis of authentication.

This solution provides online test results along with QR Passport feature which helps people gain access to public places like malls, theatres, air travel etc. by revealing the test results.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, mandatory social distancing and the lack of effective treatments has made telemedicine the safest interactive system between patients, both infected and uninfected, and clinicians. A few potential evidence-based scenarios for the application of telemedicine have been hypothesized.

This solution offers telehealth where public who carried out tests can reach out to healthcare providers in this digital platform without having to wait for a long time.

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