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Mobile Wallet for Cryptocurrency

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Mobile Wallet for Cryptocurrency
Mobile Wallet for Cryptocurrency



Products and Services

React Native UI App

GO language used for security and Hedera sdk


Hedera Token

NFT (Supported formats such as image, pdf, video, mp3, 3d model)



IT Services and IT Consulting

Organization Size

Corporate (11 – 50 employees)



It is a mobile wallet made for HBAR which is the native cryptocurrency of Hedera Hashgraph, the trust layer of the internet. It is the best mobile Wallet for passive income. It helps to keep your money safe and watch it grow. It helps you to be in control of your keys and your crypto. It is fully secured and easy to use.

Your funds are Secured

In the wake of the multi-million dollar hack on thousands of Solana wallets, millions of crypto users are finally asking themselves the important question.. “Are my funds really secure?”

At Hubino we have developed an AI base mobile wallet for Wallawallet. This mobile wallet helps you to easily buy crypto with your bank or a card in a secured manner. It can handle multiple accounts, staking, multimedia, NFTs and many more. The mobile wallet is decentralized which helps you to be full control of your keys and crypto. It is built on the gold standards of trust making it fully secured.

“Wallawallet literally prevented me from losing HBAR”

Brandon | The HBAR Bull

Safely Staking Your HBAR Rewards with Wallawallet

Wallawallet is also the most popular and convenient way for you to regularly collect and compound your Ledger-Nano’s HBAR staking rewards from your phone without having to interact with Nano itself.

“It is good to know there are enterprise grade tools like Wallawallet addressing such important requirements.”

Roland Ringgenberg | Digital Architect

Collect Staking Rewards on Wallawallet

You can easily collect staking rewards using Wallawallet, and the account doesn’t even have to be in Wallawallet! It can be somewhere else like in your Ledger-Nano.

Just tap the “Collect Rewards” button, then swipe right to pay the micro fee and your rewards will be paid to your account!

“Wallawallet keeps my crypto assets safe.”

Craig Drabik | Senior Developer TXMQ

How Safe is Your Wallet?

The original wallet of the HBAR community, have been preaching the need for enterprise grade security since the very beginning. It is the foundation Wallawallet was built upon and it is why many serious HBAR investors have made Wallawallet their wallet of choice.

In Wallawallet, the important keys are stored ONLY on your mobile device. The private keys are generated offline and kept in native level storage (even app clone will not touch your private keys). These private storage chips are specifically designed to store super sensitive data.

The solution has Golang native layer for additional security and Hedera SDK API communication. It doesn’t maintain a centralized API between the app and the Hedera SDK, as it involves some security issues. So user actions will directly interact with the Hedera SDK through the Golang bridge.

Supports Popular Tokens and different NFT files

Success happens through change, not chance. This AI based mobile wallet solution for business enables you to drive real value and bring powerful financial innovation to your company. It helps to support some of the popular tokens available in market like HBAR, USDC, JAM, HSUITE, DOVU and more.

The solution supports for multimedia NFTs with file nesting. NFTs is commonly known as digital collectibles, are a string of code written on the blockchain. It supports audio, video, images, documents, 3d models and more.

Clear visibility of your Staking

Staking is a process in which crypto currency holders volunteer to take part in validating transactions on the blockchain – in other words, checking that the ledger all adds up. The checking is not done by individuals, but by computers in the blockchain network, often via third-party staking services.

It is a way for investors to earn passive yield on their crypto currency holdings by locking tokens up on the network for a period of time.

This solution helps to do staking to native Hedera nodes. The nodes info will be shown like staked HBAR, status good or bad.

Enterprise Grade Security

Cybercriminals use sophisticated techniques to compromise digital wallets and steal/transfer crypto assets without the user’s knowledge. Securing your wallet is important when it involves protecting your digital currency against cyberattacks.

This AI based mobile wallet has enterprise grade security level like audited security code, requires biometric authentication, dedicated strong box hardware for private keys, and asynchronous byzantine fault tolerant layer 1 network.

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